The Sun’s Better!

Hank (age 3) on the arrival of spring: Look! The sun’s better!

I guess he was sick?

But now that it’s April and we’ve all had sufficient time to charge, he’s feeling much better.

Me too, sun. Me too.

So much better that I was finally up for doing this…

Hank loves to “walk” to the grocery store in the red wagon. They have free cookies there. Last year when we did this, baby Rosemary was small enough for me to wear in a sling and I could pull groceries home in the wagon with Hank. Now 14-month-old Rosie is A. too heavy for the sling and B. refusing to be treated differently than the big kids. Even if it means constantly falling over in the wagon as we bump along. So the kids get all the wagon real estate and the applesauce, eggs, bananas, jam, and milk all ride home in my backpack.

Glad you’re back up on your feet again, Sun! We should totally hang out this summer.

The Curious Case of the Blankie in the Night Time

We got disappearing blankies around here, folks. And disappearing socks. And disappearing binkies, sippies, stuffed foxes, seals, cicadas, and bats. But do not fret! Inspector Tired Dad is on the case. Day or night (usually night) he will track down your wayward possessions and reveal the culprit (who is always and without fail YOU). Even if it means climbing up into the treehouse at midnight severely underdressed for the cold.

Love language, y’all.