Growing up, my dad always hated crowds. Like, HATED. I never really got it – I mean, what’s the big deal? Till now. Crowds + Parenthood = Agoraphobia. The other day at the children’s museum, we were the unwitting victims of a school holiday. There were kids everywhere. It was loud. It was stressful. It made me hate the human race. When we finally escaped and were loaded into the car, I knew the kids were going to pass out on the way home due to the sheer exhaustion that results from being surrounded by that much shrill, horrible energy. So, like any self respecting mother, I turned the music up way loud (The Black Keys – Milo’s favorite) and opened all the windows to gently encourage them to stay awake.

It didn’t work.

I turned around to find Walter asleep like this.

car seat


  Next time we’ll check the school schedule first.

3 responses to “Agoraphobia

  1. I remember those days when the kids fell asleep on the ride home after a big day at the zoo or museum. I always wished I could join them. 🙂

  2. stephanie bearce

    Love, love LOVE your blog! You make me smile. AND you are incredibly talented!

  3. I love your blog, too. And the art! They look and sound like you.

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